360 Photobooth

SPECIAL OFFER – 360 Platform (100cm) Just £2099 + vat

SPECIAL OFFER – 360 Platform with software interface (100cm) Just £4599 + vat

Two Years Warranty, Two Years Support

Finance Packages Also Available starting from £35.00 per week.*

*Subject to Terms and Conditions

Latest 360 Photobooth For Wedding Parties & Events

2 (Two) Year Warranty – Built in the UK by Photobooths

Our 360 Photobooth enables you to capture a slow motion video of guests from any angle.

Guests stand on a platform, and a slow motion arm automatically circles around them as they stand on it.

The result is breathtaking. It creates amazing branded content that can be shared in seconds.

Make your brand stand out at your next event with a 360 photobooth activation! Capture amazing content to your brand while getting tons of impressions by leveraging your fan’s social media accounts!

360 photobooth image exploded showing key features

How does the 360 Photobooth work?

One of the most versatile photo booths on the market – designed to be compatible with many different models of photo capture technology.

No matter whether you are using a smartphone, iPad, GoPro, DSLR or other type of camera, you can be absolutely sure that the 360 photo booth can handle all the weight.

  Trigger System with One Click

Press. Shoot. Share. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, and you only have to press one button.

With full control over timing, speed, and ramp-up, you can create any effect you wish. With one button press, both the arm and the recording are triggered; we have made the whole process of running the event smooth and hassle-free, reducing the risk of human error and streamlining everyone’s experience.

Easily Create Amazing 360 videos

Thanks to the 360 Photobooth’s cutting-edge design, users will have access to affordable, compact, and fast photo technology.

We have seamlessly integrated our Software to work with a Go Pro Hero through the software interface and control speed interface. Very easy to set up (which takes less than 5 minutes) the package we provide is all ready to use right straight away.

The 360 photo booth has been designed to be so simple that you can set it up quicker than you can brew yourself a cup of tea.

  Quick and Easy Set up

Users will appreciate the 360 Photobooths’s cutting-edge design, which offers an affordable, compact, and fast camera.

As iPads / Android Tablets have become increasingly popular in photobooths, we have integrated them seamlessly into the Go Pro Hero design. Our booth can now be easily set up, tested, and run on both Go Pro Hero and iPad / Android devices.

It’s so easy to set up that you can make yourself a cup of tea faster than you can set up the 360 photo booth.

Developing your Brand

Take advantage of the 360 photo booth to make your mark. This simple yet effective method of branding can be used physically and digitally.

The vinyl wrapping allows the platform to draw attention and intrigue, while catering to any event.

Make your moving content memorable by branding it with overlays and adding intro/outro clips to improve its impact

2 (Two) Year Warranty – Built in the UK by Photobooths

Slow Motion Portable 360 Degree Spin Camera Photo Booth 360 Selfie Platform Photobooth

Material: Platform Steel
Suitable for: Android / Ipad Device & Go Pro Hero

Motorized 360 degree rotary
Bullet Time Effect
Imported motor and servo system
Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotary
Stepless speed adjustment
Camera angle adjustable & height adjustable
Steel and aluminium material
Firm and stable
5-10 min setup
Personalized logo
High payload (around 320KG)

What’s included with the 360 Photobooth:

  • * 360 Platform 100cm
  • * Arm
  • * Speed Control Interface
  • * Trolley
  • * 2 (Two) Year Warranty – Built in the UK by Photobooths

Upgrade to a full system which includes software interface (developed by Photobooths UK) and a Go Pro Hero 10. This package will include 2 years of support and free licence package

360 degree photo booth on red carpet


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