Are Photo booths More Than Just
A Fad

Many who are considering starting a photo booth business are concerned with only one question and that is whether photo booths are a fad or whether they have the ability to continue to be popular. Recent Data shows that not only are photo booths not a fad now, we have to appreciate that they have been around for 100 years, well at least the concept of Photo booths has.

The success and popularity of photo booth hire is due to the constant evolving of technology and as technology gets better, insiders have predicted, we will see more growth. It is also easier and more cost effective to produce high resolution photos and there are some amazing companies out there already doing amazing VR and immersive photo experiences.

The range of Photo booths has also grown dramatically and to suit the recent conditions caused by the pandemic, open air Photo booths have become incredibly popular. These systems are much smaller, compact and easier to move around than the larger booths. Party hosts also likes the idea of compact especially if they are short of space in the venue.

Although initial searches may predict there are already many established photo booth companies in many areas, recent Data has shown that there is still very much a shortage given the current demand in many areas.

The great thing about Photo booths is that they appeal to every generation, from the older generation to the younger. The younger generation love the technology, being able to take as many photos as they want and be able to easily share them on social media instantly. The older generation just love creating memories and they do this in the way of taking photographs which they can take home and cherish forever.