Increase in demand for Magic

Magic Mirror statistics for 2017

New research conducted by has revealed that the interest and demand for Magic Mirror photo booths has dramatically increased over the last 24 months. See infographic for further details.

Using official Google data, research has indicated that there are on average 80,000+ searches on Google search engines, each month across the globe for phrases relating to the Magic Mirror photo booth.

In fact, there are on average 10,000+ monthly searches for the Magic Mirror in the UK alone!

In comparison to March 2015, there has been more than a 200% increase in searches, revealing that searches for Magic Mirrors have nearly quadrupled since 2015.

What we have also found, is that there is a large variation in terminology when it comes to the naming of the Magic Mirror photo booth range. Popular names include: Magic Mirror, Selfie Mirror, Selfie Booth, Magic Mirror Photo Booth and even more. This makes it difficult to measure exact data.

Using a range of terminology, results still evidentially  highlight  the interest and demand for Magic Mirrors is most certainly on the rise!

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