Hire Enquiry Generating Service

Service to Support Your Business Growth

Kick-start your photo booth business with guaranteed enquiries

 Photobooths’ Referral Service is an exclusive online portal for Photo Booth and Magic Mirror businesses and provides members with access to local enquiries.

Getting your business off the ground is crucial to its success and so to help increase your chances of bookings we are the first photo booth sales company to offer a hire enquiry generating service. This service, accessible at Photobooth.co.uk provides you with an unlimited influx of enquires, requests, and contact details for your chosen areas for a one-year period.

How It Works:

Using the online designated members area, select up to 8 counties you would like to receive enquiries for. Each time an enquiry is received at our sister hire site Photobooth.co.uk, it will be sorted by postcode, and if it falls in your area, will be sent straight to your mailbox.

National Advertising – Paid For By Us

We understand that a website only works if people know about it which is why we regularly advertise the referral site to ensure you get the leads you need.
You’re likely to find the Photobooth.co.uk website promotion on…

Google AdWords Search
– Google Display Network
 Targeted social media adverts
– National events and exhibitions
– Blogs such as BLoved, Bridal Beauty Editor and Want That Wedding
– National magazines such as Bride, Confetti and Your Wedding

Sign up for the Referral Service

Subscribe to 12 months’ unlimited hire enquiries for up to 8 selected counties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the referral service cost?

If you get two bookings from the system then you’ve paid for your annual subscription!

The introductory price for 12 months’ subscription is currently £499 + VAT (RRP £999 + VAT) however there are some business packages that include the subscription at no additional charge.

Do Photobooths filter the enquiries for customers?

Not at all. When you sign up, you are asked to provide an email address – this is the email that all the enquiries will automatically go to. Photobooths play no part in the enquiry.

How many enquiries should I expect?

We cannot guarantee a certain number of enquiries as some areas are more popular than others. We do however regularly advertise the hire website to generate more traffic.

Do Photobooths advertise the hire website?

Yes! Photobooths have regular, targeted advertising on Google AdWords, Bing Ads and across social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In addition to this, we regularly attend events and exhibitions and advertise within UK magazines to promote the site and drive enquiries.

How many people receive these enquiries?

It’s hard for us to put a number on it as members can sign up for up to 8 counties at a time. Some areas get a lot of enquiries whereas other smaller areas don’t get as many.

Are these guaranteed bookings?

No, enquiries will be sent to all members who have registered for the service, so be sure to respond quickly to guarantee a booking! Most customers will book on a first come first serve basis, so you may want a competitive edge to secure the deal!

Can Photobooths help me to convert the enquiries?

Of course! Photobooths offer guides and support that will help you respond to email, marketing toolkits and more!

What if I don't receive any enquiries?

If you haven’t received any enquiries then you might not be setup correctly. Give us a call on 0121 794 3884 and we’ll be able to check for you.

Not Sure If Your Package Includes Referrals?

Some of our business packages include 12 months access to the referral service at no additional charge,
contact the sales team on 0121 794 3884 to find out if you’re already signed up.