Running A Photo Booth business

Photo Booths come in many different shapes and sizes and their functions can vary depending on which Photo Booth Company you purchase from. It’s really important if you are thinking of starting and running a photo booth business to understand what’s important to Party Hosts and what they are looking for in the functionalities when they hire.

There is a misconception that Party Hosts want software that can perform many tasks and whilst it’s always a good business move to be aware of what current software is popular, what Party Hosts are looking for is much simpler than we think.

The most important functionality of a Photo booth is the printing of the pictures and these being of the best quality. Many Party Hosts want a second set of prints also to ensure not only that their guests get a print but they get to keep a copy also.

Sharing on social media is also paramount and choosing software were there is the option to upload and share prints on sites such as Facebook is a good idea.  This will also help you with Marketing your Photo Booth business by keeping your Facebook page current and up to date.

Having a good selection of good quality Props is also vitally important, not only should the props be themed based if the Party Hosts require but they should be clean and presentable.

Having a helpful attendant is also vital to a Photo booth hire Companies success, having someone present and ready to help and guide guests will make a lasting impression and increase the likelihood that you will receive repeat bookings.

All Photo booth equipment should be presentable and there is nothing worse than turning up to an event with broken and run down equipment. Always initially purchase from a reputable supplier and keep your equipment maintained and in good condition.